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We are the only NGO in Cambodia which is dedicated to eradicating Child Trafficking in our country. Every day vulnerable children are exploited and their human rights violated as they are torn away from their homes and forced to relocate in a new country or province.

Since 2001 we have fought tirelessly for the future of Cambodia children. We run programmes in 12 provinces and focus our efforts on the most vulnerable communities. Our work is completely dependent on donations and grants and if we fail to raise enough money our projects are put in jeopardy.

One service which needs particular support is our  4p’s strategy programme. This is a vital tool in our fight against child trafficking. Not only does it aim to protect the most vulnerable families, but it also brings human traffickers to justice and offers support to victims through our counselling hotline.

To ensure our strategy is well received we specially target our workshops for each community. In 2015 we spoke to 25,000 adults and children in Cambodia, 1839 calls were made to our hotline, we helped establish 15 children’s clubs and 33 cases were brought to our legal team.

Please donate if you can, if we can secure funding to continue this project for one more year it will play huge role in providing a brighter future for many families in Cambodia. 

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