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The Cambodia ACTs network are a collection of 14 NGOs which are tackling issues surrounding child trafficking in Cambodia. Organisations provide support to victims of child trafficking while others run programs which aim to prevent it from happening in the future. Together we have a shared goal in our aims to prevent child trafficking from happening in the future.  Through cooperation we stand as a united opposition in the face of child trafficking.

Read more about our partner organisations bellow:

CLA - Children and Life Association: holistic village development approach focuses on building people’s strengths, particularly in terms of their own capabilities to escape poverty.

Cambodian Organization for Children and Development: help around 2,000 of Cambodia’s poorest families each year and uses a child-centered approach that focuses on;
Child Protection and Development and Economi

Woman Organisation for Modern Economy and Nursing: envisage a society where the rights of vulnerable people and all children are respected; and they have access to health, social services and improved livelihoods through sustainable development.

Salvation Centre Cambodia: aim to make a significant contribution to HIV prevention and AIDS care and to improve the living conditions of those who face social exclusion and discrimination.

Disadvantaged Cambodians Organization: fight for equal rights for all citizens of Cambodia. Located in Pursat, Cambodia

Cambodian Women's Crisis Center: advocate for the human rights of women and children, gender justice and the elimination of all forms of violence against women and children.

Future Light Orphanage: orphanage located in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh

Cambodian Women's Development Agency: enhancing the capacity of women in Cambodia through empowerment, education, self-development and advocacy, while providing health services and a safe shelter to those at risk.

Santi-Sena Organization: acting in accordance with core Buddhist values, such as truth, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Santi Sena acts in the fields of poverty alleviation, environment protection, and child rights

Vulnerable Children Assistance Association: aims to ensure all children live with care and development, in a secure and safe environment, without violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, and exploitation.

Khemara: educate those who have been subjected to poverty and abuse. It’s the reason why we exist. All our projects lead to a single purpose: To improve the quality of life for Cambodian women and children

Kumar Ney Kdey Sangkheun: work directly with vulnerable children to improve their overall well-being by providing vocational and life skills training, health education, literacy workshops, violence interventions, and a safe haven for victims of child labor, child trafficking, rape, drug abuse, and domestic violence.

Cambodian Children Against Starvation and Violence: address the needs of vulnerable and victimized children and youth who are exposed to violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, exploitation, drug abuse, and the impacts of HIV/AIDS.

Cambodia Family Support: run a community-based program which empowers the rural poor in north-west Cambodia to improve their lives. Focusing on the most poor and vulnerable.

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