Meet Cambodia ACT’s legal team:


Lawyer, Cambodia ACTs

  During her 3 years at Cambodia ACT, Chanteng, our lawyer, has advised over 190 cases, successfully won 160, and she estimates that around 85 – 90 of these perpetrators are currently serving sentences in prison. “Still it’s worth it”, says Chanteng, when you see the difference you can make to a victim’s life by simply talking to them, and then providing justice for these children. The most meaningful moment for her is successful prosecution and establishing good relationships with the judges to ensure that they too remain dedicated to the protection of children. In the future Chanteng is looking to expand her legal team, with volunteers and further financial support because there are so many more victims that she and the team can reach. A larger team can take on more cases, travel to further provinces, and assist more victims. Cambodia ACT also provides the necessary aftercare services. “Although dangerous, it’s worth it!” Chanteng is committed to Cambodia ACT however, eventually she wishes to qualify as a judge so that she can further protect children in Cambodia.     Channeath  Cambodia ACT’s Legal Assistant Channeath has been working with us for 4 years, following her experience working with families and victims of sexual exploitation. With nearly 200 cases behind her, and many cases currently pending at the courts, she is a vital force in our legal team. “I am always very proud when one of our cases goes to trial and an offender is prosecuted”. Channeath is encouraged by her cases and wishes she could take on more. Because many of the victims live in the provinces, we constantly travel to conduct interviews, assessments, and provide support to the victims and their families.   Justice for victims of child abuse is $500, change someone’s life today. JOIN THE FIGHT and DONATE NOW!

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