Organisational Development

In this role you will be working directly with Cambodia ACTs Secretary General, Kong Villa. It offers an intern the chance to work on policy development while helping to strengthen our network in 14 NGOs.

Mr. Villa took on the role of Secretary General earlier in 2016, and with the assistance of an intern he hopes to bring the Cambodia ACTs network closer together and increase the efficiency of the organisation in completing its targets. The NGOs are located all around the country, so in this role it is necessary to learn about the individual needs of each NGO and assess what progress should be made in order to bring the network together.

Therefor it is essential that you have excellent communication skills and can demonstrate your ability to communicate with different stakeholders at different levels. As you will be assisting with policy direction your written communication have to be adequate and you must be proficient Microsoft Office.

If you are interested in this role, please fill out the application form bellow:

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