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International Internship Program

Current Positions:

Operational management experience will give you a rare competitive edge in today's international job market. We will mentor and collaborate with you so that you gain the leadership skills which are essential. We need to grow and strengthen so that we can touch more lives in a meaning full way. If you want to put your intellect into a worthy cause then join us! Click the link to see how you can help shape our organization for the better!

It is not often that one gets the opportunity to make such a huge difference in people's lives and gain valuable legal insight into such a current and pressing social issue. Human rights issues are at the forefront of today's world. There are countless infringements on basic human dignity. Follow the link above to read more about this crucial role of protecting people's human rights.

One thing any charity or organization needs, no matter their mission, is funding. This is an overlooked career choice that has the greatest impact on people's well-being. By gaining or furthering your experience with us, we gladly share our insider knowledge.  You will gain experiences that will make a great impact on your future success and grants you the ability to be a blessing to many lives.

Cambodia ACTs internship human trafficking
Cambodia ACTs human trafficking
Cambodia ACTs child trafficking asia

Cambodia ACTs headquarters in Phnom Penh offers a limited number of international internship positions to students and recent graduates. The internship program gives applicants the opportunity to gain field experience in a developing country working to help protect and prevent vulnerable children from human trafficking and other forms of exploitation. The Program is a two-way training process, as Interns learn from working side by side with a team of experienced local staff and international management, whilst at the same time transferring their own skills and knowledge to their local counterparts. There are many opportunities to learn and grow into the organization should the intern want to stay after the internship is complete.

Cambodia ACTs is an equal gender employer, offering job opportunities to male and female staff.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Work with Cambodia ACTs’ management team in writing and developing applications, proposals, and concept notes for future projects.
  • Assist with compiling and editing project reports.
  • Assist in the implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation of Cambodia ACTs’ existing projects.
  • Produce content for Cambodia ACTs’ social media profiles.
  • Write and edit content for publication in Cambodia ACTs’ newsletters and annual reports.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Student or recent graduate of an international development, communications, or related degree program.
  • Minimum one-year’s experience volunteering, interning, or working in the nonprofit sector.
  • Experience in marketing and communications work.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office a minimum. Familiarity with additional software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, considered an asset.
  • Photography or videography experience as well as web design or blogging experience considered an asset.
  • Deep commitment to and understanding of child and human rights.

Necessary Mindset:

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
  • Strong organizational skills, self motivation, and a commitment to productivity without continuous supervision.
  • Strong social and teamwork skills.

Due to limited resources all internships are unpaid at this time.

n.b. As this role requires interaction with youths, all applicant must have a clean criminal record and have no criminal charges against their name.

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