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While we focus are action in South East Asia it is important to know what is happening around the world. We have made sure to include the newest and  most relevant information on the current situation in human trafficking. Take a look through the links on human trafficking below to gain a quick understanding of the complexity and far reaching scope of this issue.

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  • How modern slavery awareness training for hospitality students can really make a difference
    Pepe Bingham-Hall shares her inspiration for running a campaign to get mandatory modern slavery training on NVQ-level curricula for hospitality. Born in Australia and raised in Singapore, Pepe is now in her final year studying for a BA in Anthropology and Visual Practice at Goldsmiths, University of London.  My first … Continue reading → The […]
  • Putting principles into practice: How Shiva Foundation and ITP are addressing modern slavery in the hotel sector
    Sian Lea, Senior Programme Manager for Shiva Foundation, and Nicolas Perin, Programme Manager for ITP discuss how they have been joining up efforts to address modern slavery with the hotel industry. Shiva Foundation have been working over the past two years to draft, trial and launch the Stop Slavery Blueprint … Continue reading → The […]
  • Shiva Foundation launches online toolkit for the hotel industry
    Today Shiva Foundation is launching the Stop Slavery Blueprint, and free online toolkit for the hotel industry. The toolkit, which includes guidance, templates and training, provides practical measures to address some of the main risk areas regarding modern slavery in the industry. This toolkit is launched following wide-ranging insights from … Continue reading → The […]
  • Tackling modern slavery: Working with the hotel industry
    As an industry where modern slavery is highly prevalent, Sian Lea discusses the role the hotel industry must play in tackling the human rights abuses that exist within their complex and multi-tiered supply chains. Published by Corporate Citizenship on 26 April 2018. Found here. Globally, there are 40.3 million people … Continue reading → The […]
  • How hotels can be leaders in the fight against modern slavery
    Globally, there are 40.3 million people estimated to be living in slavery. In the UK alone, there are an estimated 13,000 people living in exploitative conditions. With more than one in 10 people working in hospitality around the world, the sector has the opportunity to take a strong stand on … Continue reading → The […]
  • Urgent and collaborative response needed to tackle modern slavery in hotel and hospitality sectors
    Shiva Foundation has launched a comprehensive new report calling for immediate and coordinated action to address modern slavery in the hotel and hospitality sectors, following wide-ranging insights from across the industry. The report is unveiled today at ‘Collaborating to Tackle Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery’, an event co-hosted with the … Continue reading → The […]

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  • An Insight into Croatian Sex Work: Results from a Study
    By Iva Jovović, Guest Blogger* In Croatia, the criminalization of sex work creates an unjust and gendered relationship between those engaging in the industry and the state. Sex workers, who are primarily female, face prosecution that often includes fines and jail time. In contrast, their customers rarely encounter consequences, unless they engage in sex with […]
  • Empowering Public Authorities in the Technological Fight Against Human Trafficking
      By Sibel Top, Guest Blogger* Rob Wainright, former director of Europol, warned that “technology has lowered the bar of entry to the criminal world”. Traffickers are making the most out of available technologies to lure potential victims into trafficking. Those who are working every day to fight human trafficking seem to be lagging behind. […]
  • State Sponsored Forced Labor
      By Rosie O’Connor, Director of Educational Programming Private immigration detention facilities in recent years have made up to 25% of their total profits, an estimated $30 to $77 million, from utilized detainee sanitation and work programs. For example, throughout November 2012, if GEO Group had hired outside janitors and maintenance employees at their Denver […]
  • Social Services Creates Opportunity to Identify Child Sex Trafficking Victims
      By Kara Gronborg, Guest Blogger* President Obama stated in 2012, “Our fight against human trafficking is one of the great human rights causes of our time.” Legislators in each state have rallied and recognized the serious nature of human trafficking and have created laws advocating for and protecting victims. However, an important class is […]
  • Entering the Conversation: On Being a Good Guest and Telling a Good Story
      By Andrea Paolini, Guest Blogger* We tell stories to help locate and make sense of our worlds. Because the human narrative can be as liberating as it is trapping, how we tell these stories matters as much as why we tell them. Be a Good Guest I enter the conversation as a doctoral student […]
  • 2018 TIP Report: Important Rankings to Know
      By Cecily Bacon, Director of Research and Projects and Leah Breevoort, Deputy Director The greatly anticipated 2018 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report was released by the U.S. Department of State (DOS) at the end of June. As mandated by the U.S. Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000, the TIP Report […]

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  • ATEST Letter to Congress in Advance of 2019 State of the Union Address
    Honorable Members of the 116th Congress | U.S. Capitol | Washington, D.C. Dear Senators and Representatives, The Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST) and the Freedom Network USA, with a combined membership of 80 leading U.S.-based anti-trafficking organizations, advocates and service providers, strongly condemn President Trump’s continued rhetoric attempting to justify a southern border... […]
  • Transforming How Anti-Slavery Program Impact is Measured
      This dispatch from the field by Lindsay Marsh originally appeared on the University of British Columbia’s Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA) program website in December. ATEST member organization Free the Slaves thanks the university team’s remarkable effort to help improve the measurement of international anti-trafficking programmatic impact. GHANA — One of 2018’s Global Policy... […]
  • ATEST Advocacy Report | January 2019
    January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, and the Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST) has chosen this month to launch our first annual ATEST Advocacy Report. Each January we will update you on our coalition’s accomplishments in the previous year and priorities for the year ahead. We will provide updates during... […]
  • ATEST and HEAL Trafficking Urge Congress to Preserve Safeguards for Vulnerable Migrant Children
    WASHINGTON – A new funding proposal pending before the Senate this week will rollback protections for children coming to the U.S. to flee violence, human trafficking, and other forms of abuse in Central America. The bill would undo provisions of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), which was reauthorized by Congress and signed by the... […]
  • ATEST Applauds Anti-Trafficking Legislation Becoming Law, But Deeply Concerned by Presidential Statements and Government Shutdown
    WASHINGTON — Four key pieces of legislation that form the architecture of America’s federal response to human trafficking and modern slavery are now law. In the final days of the 115th Congress, the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act (H.R.2200) and three related measures (S.1311, S.1312 and S.1862) received near-unanimous congressional approval. The president... […]
  • ATEST Applauds Final Congressional Approval of Anti-Trafficking Reauthorization Legislation
    The House and Senate have approved a package of four bills that renew America’s commitment to ending human trafficking and modern slavery at home and abroad. The Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking applauds Congress for passing this vital legislation. The bills have been sent to the president. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act, first passed... […]

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  • Women Who Inspire Us to Be a Force For Good
    The post Women Who Inspire Us to Be a Force For Good appeared first on Thorn.
  • What You Can Do Today to Fight Child Sex Trafficking
    Our team continues to work to end child sexual exploitation every day, but we can’t do it without your help. This issue needs a lot of committed people in order to effect real change. We need you. Victims and survivors... The post What You Can Do Today to Fight Child Sex Trafficking appeared first on […]
  • Human Trafficking Awareness 365 Days A Year
    Grappling with the reality of child sexual abuse takes time and space, regardless of whether you’re new to the issue or have lived its reality. We hope you give yourself that space, and we hope we get to keep you... The post Human Trafficking Awareness 365 Days A Year appeared first on Thorn.
  • Partnering with for Outsized Impact
    At Thorn we work fast, building the best products we can to change the way we defend children from sexual abuse. When we have an idea that could transform the way we work we don’t shy away just because it... The post Partnering with for Outsized Impact appeared first on Thorn.
  • How to Support Thorn on #GivingTuesday
    #GivingTuesday is right around the corner and we are in awe of the way our community has already begun building momentum for this global day of giving. Here’s how you can join in supporting Thorn on Tuesday, November 27th. Rally... The post How to Support Thorn on #GivingTuesday appeared first on Thorn.
  • How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser for Thorn
    Our team has been so inspired by the number of supporters fundraising for Thorn on Facebook. The best part is, Facebook does not charge nonprofits a fee for fundraising on their platform, so every dollar donated goes directly to supporting... The post How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser for Thorn appeared first on Thorn.

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  • Sierra Leone Forms Anti-Trafficking Journalist Network
    Sierra Leone has faced high levels of poverty, joblessness, and violence in recent years. All of these factors create a prime environment for traffickers promising a way out. “More than half of the youth population is unemployed so when an exciting offer, especially to go abroad, is presented, most young people seize it, often without […]
  • Under Trump, Visas for Trafficking Victims Hit 7-Year Low
    As part of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month President Trump announced that his administration would use “every resource we have to confront this threat.” Yet despite this promise, trafficking victims and survivors are being intimidated and deported in unprecedented ways. Since 2003, foreign-born victims of human trafficking in the United States have been […]
  • Maryland Among Worst States for Sex Trafficking Survivors
    Donna Bruce was teaching a beauty class in Baltimore when one of her students blindsided her. In front of the entire class, “The student said I was a crackhead who has prostitution on her record out loud in front of everybody,” recalled Bruce. “It was the most humiliating thing.” In fact, Bruce had been trafficked […]
  • Is Cultured Shrimp the Answer to Seafood Supply Chains?
    The seafood industry has long been criticized for its notoriously abusive working conditions, unsanitary farms, and environmental damage. Back in 2015, a major investigative report by the AP shed light on modern slavery in the Thai seafood industry, finding that migrant fishers had been enslaved at sea for years and even dumped on remote islands […]
  • Traceability Tech’s Impact on Local Filipino Fishers
    Jason Albasi first heard on TV that he’d need to install an electronic monitoring device on his boat. Albasi, a small-scale local fisherman in the southern Philippines said the new regulation offered potential benefits: greater security during his long journeys out at sea, the ability to control the temperature of the ice, and the whole […]
  • Pacific Island Casino Owner Sued by Chinese Workers
    Imperial Pacific, a Hong Kong-listed company, has come under fire after seven former Chinese construction workers filed a lawsuit against alleging they were victims of forced labor and human trafficking at the company’s Saipan casino. Saipan is a mountainous island in the Northern Mariana Islands that has been controlled by the United States since World […]

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