Raising Awareness

Village-Safety Net Program (VSNP)

Cambodia ACT holds VSNP workshops in local communities in our project areas. These workshops involve all members of the community; District Governors, staff from the District Office of Education and Social Affairs, members of the District Police, Commune Chiefs, school Principals, as well as members of our Child Peer Groups. The workshops are held in order to raise awareness on a variety of subjects, including issues of child trafficking in the community, relevant laws, high-risk children in the community, socio-economic and health factors that lead to trafficking, as well as the obligation of each participant, based on their potential, to help eliminate child trafficking in their community.

Our Child Peer Groups are an essential component of the VSNP, they are composed of child peer educators who we recruit from local schools and teach valuable awareness-raising skills to. These peer educators then conduct awareness-raising sessions within their schools and local communities in order to spread our anti-child trafficking message, as well as to educate participants on their rights as children in Cambodia. Last year alone our CPGs reached out to a total of 5,249 children, and our network is always expanding.

Child Protection Network (CPN)

We are very proud of our CPN, which spans the provinces and brings together government and non-government service providers, community leaders, parents, and our child-peer educators. They not only conduct awareness-raising activities in their communities on a variety of topics, including the signs and risks of domestic violence, and the dangers of illegal migration, but they also monitor any cases of suspected or reported trafficking, exploitation, and abuse and report these to the authorities and refer any high-risk children to social services in order to ensure that they are protected.

12th December Campaign

Cambodia ACT and our partners hold this campaign annually across the provinces on the 12th of December in order to raise awareness and rally communities together against the trafficking and exploitation of children. All members of our network and staff take part and it is always a brilliant and lively event.