At Cambodia ACTs we ensure vulnerable children and survivors of trafficking improve their living conditions and eliminate the risk of them returning to exploitative situations. We do this by providing access to essential services such as psychological services, social services and legal services.




Provision Outcomes:

  • 55 children on the move aged 6- 15 years old were identified and returned to Thailand and provided immediate food, water, and financial support
  • 13 children on the move aged 2- 16 years old were identified and returned to Cambodia, receiving accommodations, food, water, and transport support through CWCC’s drop-in center in Poipet 
  • Cambodia ACTs, through partnership with SSO, collaborated with other NGOs and the CNCC and Department of Social Affairs to facilitate the repatriation of 119 people from Vietnam to Cambodia
  • 1389 calls were made to the phone counseling helpline provided by CHC

Our projects include improving referral systems and enhancing duty-bearers capacity to provide preliminary care to victims once they are located.

Together with our partners, we also provide vulnerable women and children who stay at safe shelters with educational services such as vocational training and life skills education that will empower them and provide them with skills that will enable them to find a job. By increasing their access to support and education systems, we are ensuring they return as soon as possible to the dignified life they deserve.

We understand that the horrific crimes against children do not only affect the victim but also the communities and families they come from. For this reason we strengthen families of exploited and abused children by providing them with counseling services and income generating activities, in addition to counseling services that are provided for victims.

In emergency situations we take action and provide emergency care and supplies such as food, accommodation, and medical support to children and their families.

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