We facilitate rights-based legal support, case management, and rehabilitation referral services to survivors of sexual assault and trafficking in Cambodia. Our legal support team ensures survivors have access to justice, protects victims and their rights, and provides development opportunities to survivors in their home communities.


How We Work:

Our legal support team accepts case referrals from partner NGOs, law enforcement and local authorities, and local community members. We take a holistic rights-based approach to victim support in order to ensure the complete fulfillment of rights and to prevent any further child-rights violations within the investigation process.

After a victim referral is received, our legal support team intercepts the case and provides legal and case management support to victims throughout all stages of the case cycle, including initial interviews, investigation, pre-trial procedures, witness testimony and trial appearances, case settlement, as well as any appeals and subsequent trials. At the outset of intervention, referrals to nearby child-friendly shelters are facilitated for victims in order to ensure access to rehabilitation services, including health and psychological care, vocational training, and all support necessary to ensure successful community reintegration.

Our Investigation Officer undertakes the initial investigation, compiling case information and witness evidence for use in trial. Our Lawyer and Legal Assistant act as liaisons between victims and their home communities throughout the process, providing reassurance and encouragement to victim families coping with feelings of vulnerability, and keeping victims connected to the support of their loved ones. They also accompany victims on hospital visits to collect expert testimony and evidence for use in trial. Our Lawyer accompanies victims throughout all trial appearances to provide ongoing support. Our Investigation Officer additionally collects all relevant case information to add to a confidential database for follow up.

Project funded by: UNHCR

  • Cases Referred to Cambodia ACTs: 33
  • Referring Organizations: Chab Dai, LICADHO, AFESIP, DCO, CPU, APLE, KNKS
  • 2015 Cases: • 23 new Rape cases, 15 closed • 3 new Attempted Rape cases, 1 closed • 1 new Sexual Assault case, 2 closed • 6 new Human Trafficking and Child Labor cases, 7 closed Cases
  • Closed in 2015: 25

Budget: $14,500USD

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