According to the National Committee to Lead on the Suppression of Human Trafficking, Smuggling, Labour and Sexual Exploitation (NC/STSLS), besides factors such as high poverty rates, lack of employment opportunities, low education rates, and gender inequalities in the country, other leading factors that fuel human trafficking in Cambodia are the weakness of the judicial and police systems, the occasional lack of international cooperation and the slowness of international procedures.

Cambodia ACTs works to change this by enhancing the judicial and police systems through capacity building and trainings to government officials, police officers, members of the judicial system, and other key members. Cambodia ACTs also works on improving partnerships with government authorities internationally and advocates for the change of legislation of different laws.


Bilateral Meeting Between Cambodia and Vietnam Authority on Protecting Trafficked Children and Children on the Move

We provide policy advice to Cambodian lawmakers and work closely with authorities in Cambodia and neighboring countries, and other NGOs to advocate for the adoption and implementation of effective legislation and regulatory tools that safeguard the rights of Cambodian children. A strong policy framework for child protection is a key component to progress in the overall fight against child trafficking in Cambodia and internationally.

In the past we have spearheaded calls to action for the Cambodian government regarding child protection legislation. We were closely involved in the creation of Cambodia’s National Guidelines for the Protection of Children, and continue to lobby for and monitor their implementation. We have also worked to successfully lobby national organizations like the Cambodia National Council for Children to include child protection objectives in their long-term strategic planning.

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