Our 4P strategy

Together with our partner organizations, we use a multifaceted approach in the fight against child trafficking, child exploitation and sexual abuse.

We use education and awareness-raising activities to help Cambodian children understand their rights and their real value as members of our society. We work with communities across Cambodia to help them better support their children and protect them from exploitation. We also supply critical legal and case-management services to child sexual assault victims, and provide them with medical treatment, transportation, food, and accommodation.

Our 4P strategy consists of the following actions: Prevention, Prosecution, Provision and Promotion.


We prevent child trafficking, exploitation and sexual abuse by conducting awareness raising activities and workshops to key members of the society.


We provide our beneficiaries with essential care and refer them to appropriate social services and psychological counseling according to their needs.


We promote changes of policy and work with governmental bodies to advocate for sustainable change.


We work towards the prosecution of perpetrators and ensure victims receive the justice they deserve.