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Human Trafficking in South East Asia

Cambodia against Child Trafficking (Cambodia ACTs) is a coalition of 16 NGOs, working to fight against child trafficking in 22 provinces and municipalities.

Cambodia ACTs was set-up in 2001. We are a proud and active member of the Asia Against Child Trafficking (ASIA ACTs) in Southeast Asia. This dynamic and hardworking coalition integrates efforts across 7 countries: Cambodia, Lao, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, and the Philippines to combat human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

It is an unacceptable statistic, that Asia holds two- thirds of the world's slaves. Together let's change this.

Cambodia Needs Support

Cambodia is ranked 9th out of 167 countries in the Global Slavery Index. This index measures the prevalence in which, people are being exploited in various types of forced labour.

Cambodia is one of the most vulnerable countries in regards to people potentially falling victim to human trafficking (United States Trafficking to human in Persons Report 2018). Poverty remains a significant driver for human trafficking. Half of Cambodians live on less than $2 per day and the widening economic disparity between rural and urban populations are putting pressure on many to migrate themselves or send their children in search of work.

Read more about this in our publications.

Most current international research findings and statistics on human trafficking in South East Asia and around the world can be found here. 


Want to do something?

Join the fight and be a member of a dedicated team taking a stand against child trafficking in South East Asia.


If there aren't any vacancies that suit your experience, but you want to help please send us an email. We are always looking for talented, passionate, and committed volunteers.

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Fighting Against Human Trafficking

We are determined to raise awareness on trafficking issues at the grassroots level, to build capacity, education, to provide direct assistance to children that are high risk or victims of trafficking, and to strengthen law enforcement.

Please check out our blog where we share the latest news, hard-hitting documentaries, and current research findings on human trafficking. While our work focuses on child trafficking in South East Asia we have made sure to share a wide variety of material on this horrendous human experience.

To raise awareness on child trafficking and make a real difference in peoples lives it is important that we are not silent. Victims can take back their power by sharing their experience. An innocent and troubled neighbor could end someone else's misery.

If you have a story to share please do so. We promise to treat any correspondence with stick confidentiality. For us protecting others privacy in such sensitive matters is a top priority.


Cambodia ACTs in Real Life

Saving Children from the Danger of Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation



Victim Legal Support

We help provide legal aid to victims of child trafficking and their families.

Our legal support team facilitates rights-based legal support and rehabilitation referral services to Cambodian survivors of child trafficking and sexual assault.

Make a real difference by joining our legal internship program. We will take your legal expertise to the next level by allowing you to be in be at the forefront of this complex and demanding legal field. Learn more about the program here.


Raising Awareness

Cambodia ACTs also tries to deter future cases by providing legal training to the communities so that they are aware of their legal rights. We take an active role in connecting with marginalized and at risk groups by reaching out and spreading information on the current dangers that surround them. Survivors are given support and the opportunity to be empowered, by speaking out against this prevalent crime.

Read survivors stories.


Policy and Advocacy

With our partners we work to shape, modify, and uphold legislation to protect and safeguard victims of human trafficking. We want to ensure that policy has a real impact on vulnerable communities. We advocate strongly, for the protection and rights of children. We support the adoption of children who have been victims of human trafficking.

Education Projects

Due to difficult economic conditions many make risky choices, like unsafe migration. This puts Cambodians at risk of exploitation and abuse, most commonly in the form of labor and sex trafficking. There are those that think they are simply going for a job, desperation makes them overlook the red flags. Other factors that play a major role are poor quality of education, lack of legal protection, and low levels of awareness of this issue. That's why ACTs Cambodia knows that education is key to making a real impact.

Promoting Self Sustainability

Victims and those at risk receive assistance with vocational skill training that enable them to earn an income to support themselves and their family. We want to assistant by training in essential skills such as: horticulture, hospitality training, and starting a small businesses. Many of our projects focus on self-sustainability such as training families and victims in raising pigs or chickens.


Human trafficking Cambodia ACTS
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